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People around you drive you mad
You can't stand this life of shit
Same fears every day
And you're asking, what You're here for

It's death that greets you at every corner
It's your friends that die one by one
It's the ending of the world that whispers
Disappear in yourself and wait for...
Now it's me that you need
I just wait for you to tell
Emotions should be free
I'm waiting, I stream
I am here to


Just looking at the world
Last Wagon to hell
On the road to nowhere
No sacrifice, just a game
Am I still here now?
These words flow from my heart
I don't know anything
I'm nothing, I just can


You sit there beside me
You just want to drink
All things are to bend
But I need you to tell

Emotions aren't spread out
It's all silent with beer
It's all silent with coffee
And I'm waiting for you to speak
I can't take it anymore
It's tragic, where am I?
I cannot live alone
I need someone to


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